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Foot massage is good for both physical and mental health. It won’t just be your feet that reap the benefits.

Tranquility and Relaxation
Massaging the feet can alleviate anxiety and bring about a deep state of relaxation. One important point that is situated on both feet is the solar plexus reflex. The solar plexus is sort of a little warehouse where all your stress is stored. When the solar plexus point is pressed on, stress is released and the body is renewed.

Improved Circulation and Cleansing
The blood that circulates through the body is responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrition to the body’s cells. The blood also cleanses waste and toxins from the body. When one is stressed, blood flow becomes limited. Foot massage can be beneficial as it decreases stress and allows the circulation of blood to flow unimpeded. Regular session can greatly improve circulation in the lower extremities, which is particularly important for people suffering from diabetes.

Lowers blood pressure
High blood pressure can be caused by a number of things such as stress and an unhealthy diet. A study conducted on healthcare staff showed that a 10-minute foot massage session up to three times a week resulted in improved mood, less anxiety and lower blood pressure.

Balance and Harmony
Homeostasis is when all the body’s systems are working in harmony with one another to bring about a state of balance. A foot massage can encourage homeostasis so that good health can be obtained.

Energy and Rejuvenation
Foot massage is restorative in that it gives the receiver energy. When the foot is rubbed and palpated, all the elements of a foot massage come together to bring energy to the body. According to theories of reflexology, foot massage releases any blockages that can hold back energy that should be flowing through the body freely.

Reduces the Effects of Depression and Anxiety
Studies show reflexology foot massage does beyond putting people in a relaxed state for the duration of the massage. Frequent sessions have been shown to significantly reduce anxiety in cancer patients. It can be an effective way of dealing with depression and anxiety.

Helps with Headaches and Migraines
A study conducted in Denmark showed that people suffering from headaches and migraines showed great improvement after receiving reflexology treatments. Three months after the test subjects stopped taking medication and completing their treatments, 65% had reduced symptoms while a small number had been cured. It is believed that patients who had reflexology foot massages managed to make additional positive lifestyle changes that may have contributed to their impressive results.

Helps Prevent Foot and Ankle Injuries
Massaging the feet can help with joint pain and aid recovery after an injury, as well as reduce muscle soreness. When massage is combined with foot and ankle strengthening exercises and stretching, it can speed up recovery of existing injuries and prevent future injuries. We all have our moments of clumsiness, but a strengthened and flexible ankle and foot ensures that we can avoid unpleasant injuries.

Helps with Flat Feet and Plantar Fasciitis
People with flat feet do not have a normal foot arch due to ligament laxity, which causes the arch to collapse. It can have no major effect on a person, but some people experience foot pain after even mild physical activity due to flat feet. Chronic heel pain can be caused by inflammation or deterioration of the plantar fascia. Regular foot exercise coupled with deep foot massage can help significantly lessen the pain and even cure these conditions.

Helps Alleviate Symptoms of PMS and Menopause
The most common symptoms suffered during PMS include feelings of sadness and unhappiness, irritability, anxiety, tension, insomnia, fatigue, headaches and mood swings. Most of these symptoms can be alleviated with daily foot massages during this period. In the same vein, symptoms of menopause, which are similar to those suffered during PMS with the addition of hot flashes and depression, can be effectively minimized with regular foot massages.

Reduces Effects of Edema in Pregnant Women
Swelling due to fluid retention in the feet and ankles is very common in pregnant women, especially in the last trimester. This condition is called edema. It can be combated by massaging the feet on a daily basis, coupled with plenty of rest and the right diet.

For the best result…
– tell the massage therapist your pain levels before and during treatment
– rest after receiving foot massage therapy
– visit on a regular basis as frequent therapy can benefit your health